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San Marcos Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Steve Hinze

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your bills? San Marcos Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Steve Hinze may be able to help you quickly eliminate most of your existing financial obligations. If you have burdensome or overwhelming unsecured debt, filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be in your best interests.

With over 30 years of experience helping clients gain relief from heavy financial loads, Bankruptcy Attorney Steve Hinze understands that things may not have turned out as you expected. He knows how a growing mountain of bills can affect a person financially, emotionally, and physically. In these situations, the skills of a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney are critical to finding financial freedom.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Steve Hinze is prepared to use his considerable knowledge to help you. Call our bankruptcy law firm at 760-689-0705 to arrange for a free 30-minute consultation. During this initial meeting, Mr. Hinze will review your situation, provide detailed answers, and offer advice on the most cost-effective way to achieve your legal and financial objectives.

Is Bankruptcy The Best Option For You?

As a true legal counselor, San Marcos Attorney Steve Hinze takes the time to learn the details of your situation and find the most appropriate solution for your financial troubles. If bankruptcy is not in your best interests, he will assist with other aspects of debt relief.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is often most appropriate for an individual. However, in certain circumstances, a business may choose this solution. After filing the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition, the business must cease all operations. If you are a business owner looking into debt relief solutions, contact Attorney Steve Hinze. He will examine your situation and help determine whether a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy will produce the best outcome.

If you are an individual debtor who has the ability to repay a portion of your debt, and you do not want to liquidate assets, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be more appropriate. Contact our bankruptcy law firm to discuss your circumstances.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy | A Quick Elimination Of Debt

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, also known as personal bankruptcy, consumer bankruptcy, fresh start bankruptcy, and liquidation bankruptcy, allows the filer to receive a fresh financial start. It takes about 90 days from the original filing to the discharge of debts. San Marcos Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer and Debt Relief Attorney Steve Hinze provides personal attention to help you navigate this entire process.

In many instances, prior to filing for bankruptcy, one must first qualify by passing a “means test.” This is an income analysis that compares family size, income and expenses to determine your eligibility. Debtors must also complete a debt counseling and a financial management course. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Steve Hinze is prepared to answer your questions and advise you on the best way to move forward.

Exempt Assets | Items You Can Keep After Bankruptcy

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows for the removal of qualifying debts by selling nonexempt assets. Following the Bankruptcy Code, the court appoints a trustee to sell, or “liquidate,” your nonexempt assets in order to pay creditors. Working with a skilled Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney, you may be able to keep ordinary and necessary items by declaring them “exempt.” Although every case is unique, the following items may be considered exempt assets and unavailable to a bankruptcy trustee to use to pay debts:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Personal items
  • Household goods
  • Your home
  • A vehicle
  • Jewelry
  • Retirement savings
  • Some other less common property

In addition to filing requisite court documents, Mr. Hinze will provide a thorough bankruptcy planning analysis while counseling you on the best way to protect your assets from liquidation.

Dischargeable Debts | Put A Stop To Harassment From Creditors

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Steve Hinze will assist you in ensuring your debts are properly listed in the bankruptcy petition. Most of your unsecured debt may be wiped out after a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This includes credit card balances, medical bills, past due utility bills, personal loans, business debt, debts you guaranteed or cosigned for and more.

After your debts are discharged, you no longer owe the creditor. You will no longer have to tolerate harassing phone calls from creditors and collection agencies regarding your unsecured debt. Many kinds of debt are not eligible for discharge, including many types of taxes and debt from theft or fraud and most student loans. Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer and debt relief attorney Steve Hinze can help you find relief from crushing debt.

Contact An Experienced San Marcos Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Today

Call Stephen C. Hinze, Attorney At Law, APC, for experienced legal assistance in dealing with overwhelming debt. Since 1985, he has helped clients gain financial freedom through bankruptcy and other options.

Contact our office at 760-689-0705 to arrange a free 30 minute, private consultation with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Steve Hinze. We are also available online through the Bankruptcy Case Evaluation Form.