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San Marcos Probate Attorney Steve Hinze | Effective Guidance

Probate Attorney Steve Hinze provides experienced guidance at every step of the probate process. For more than 30 years, Mr. Hinze has offered effective, affordable legal services while helping clients in San Marcos and throughout California navigate the complex process of administering an estate through probate.

If you are named as the executor or beneficiary in a will, or if a loved one has passed without first expressing their intentions in a will, you need the knowledgeable assistance of a skilled probate attorney to provide guidance throughout this detail-oriented bureaucratic process. As an experienced probate lawyer, Steve Hinze can protect your rights while ensuring the decedent’s estate is properly distributed.

Attorney Steve Hinze gives each client personal attention to help achieve the best possible outcome in probate administration matters. Call 760-689-0705 to schedule a free consultation with San Marcos attorney Hinze. This number goes directly to the attorney’s cell phone. If your call is not answered immediately, please leave a voicemail message. Mr. Hinze may be in court or with another client, and he will return your call promptly.

During this 30-minute initial consultation, you will learn about your rights and receive answers to your questions. With probate attorney Hinze, you will begin developing a plan to resolve your legal challenges. As a well-established probate law firm, we understand the loss of a loved one can bring financial and emotional uncertainties, and we are prepared to create efficient solutions to resolve these matters as quickly as possible.

The knowledgeable advice of an experienced probate attorney can help you avoid future conflicts and prevent legal and familial disputes which may add considerable costs and time to the probate process. If your situation involves contentious probate litigation, contact probate lawyer Steve Hinze to advocate for your interests.

Probate Administration | Probate A Will

Probate is the highly technical process of validating the will of a deceased person and distributing the estate appropriately. The person named as the executor must strictly follow procedures set forth by the Legislature in the California Probate Code. With considerable experience in this area, probate attorney Stephen Hinze can help you fulfill your fiduciary duty. He offers knowledgeable counsel at each step as you handle and oversee the administration of the estate.

Probate administration lawyer Hinze gives personal attention to help you through the probate process as efficiently as possible. Our services help clients in many ways, including:

  • Preparing clients for the probate process
  • Validating the will
  • Identifying assets
  • Managing debts of the estate
  • Assisting with the preparation of requisite documents
  • Filing court documents
  • Distributing assets properly

Intestate Succession | Estates Without A Will

In situations where the decedent has not written a will, the estate is distributed following the laws of Intestate Succession. Specific sections of California’s Probate Code detail the way these estates are handled. The court will determine who inherits the assets. The order of distribution is based upon certain considerations, including marital status and the decedent’s living relatives. In these cases, San Marcos Probate Attorney Steve Hinze can represent your interests to help resolve legal issues and ensure the estate is appropriately distributed.

Contact A Knowledgeable Probate Attorney

With three decades of experience, Probate Administration Attorney Steve Hinze has built a reputation for providing quality legal services in San Marcos and within the North San Diego County communities. Call Stephen C. Hinze, Attorney At Law, APC, at 760-689-0705 for knowledgeable assistance with any probate-related matter. We can also be reached online through our Probate Case Evaluation Page. Please complete the form, and we will contact you for additional information and schedule a complimentary consultation.