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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


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Vista Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer | Stephen C. Hinze

Vista Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Steve Hinze has extensive experience helping individuals find favorable debt relief solutions. He is a true legal counselor who thoroughly evaluates each client’s unique situation and offers the best legal options for attaining the client’s objectives.

Our bankruptcy law firm offers personal representation and reasonable rates to help you get back on your feet again. If you want to keep your assets, you have a regular income and the ability to repay some of the debt, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be the best solution to your financial issues.

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will allow you to repay debts over a determined period of time through installments. The Bankruptcy may also lower your secured debts, remove your second mortgage, and discharge debt that is not covered by the repayment plan.

If your debts exceed the limits allowed for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Vista Attorney Hinze can help determine whether liquidation through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or reorganization through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy may be a better option.

Call (760) 689-0705 to discuss your situation with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Steve Hinze. Please schedule a free, 30 minute consultation and learn whether a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be the best debt relief solution for your unique circumstances.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Representation in Vista, CA

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is also called a “Reorganization Bankruptcy,” and it works best for individuals who need relief from financial burdens, but who also want to maintain control of their assets.

Vista Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Steve Hinze can help secure more favorable terms from your creditors and assist with creating your repayment plan. This debt restructuring allows you to make monthly payments for 36 or 60 months depending on your income level. The amount you repay is determined by your income and current allowed living expenses. Once your payment plan is completed, the remainder of your debt is discharged.

Although each case is unique, you may benefit from the following in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

  • Avoiding Additional Financial Liability
  • Freezing Interest Rates and Penalties
  • Halting Collection Efforts and Creditor Harassment
  • Keeping Your Vehicles
  • Keeping Your Residence, Stopping Foreclosure
  • Satisfying Tax Debt
  • Stopping Wage Garnishments

Secured debts are obligations which are secured by collateral. This includes your mortgage and car payment. Dischargeable debt involves unsecured obligations such as credit card balances, personal loans, and medical bills. Certain debts are excluded from Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection and cannot be discharged. These include criminal fines, restitution for criminal convictions or certain personal injury claims, certain taxes, spousal support, child support, and other financial obligations which were not properly identified on the bankruptcy petition.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Steve Hinze has vast knowledge of creditor laws and debtor laws. He will work diligently to protect your assets and get you into a manageable repayment situation, personally assisting you throughout the entire bankruptcy process.

Contact our Experienced Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Today

Vista Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Steve Hinze is dedicated to creating tailored solutions to help clients find relief from overwhelming financial burdens and other personal or business legal challenges. Our reputation in the community is reflected by the testimonials and referrals from clients.

Call Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Steve Hinze at (760) 689-0705 for a free 30 minute consultation. Mr. Hinze will carefully evaluate your circumstances and offer information on the most efficient way to handle your issues. You may also reach us online by completing our Bankruptcy Case Evaluation Form, and we will contact you for additional details.

Contact us today and learn how Stephen C. Hinze, Attorney at Law, can help you manage your financial obligations.