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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


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San Marcos Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer | Stephen C. Hinze

Are you a business owner seeking debt relief options for your company, or are you an individual whose debts have exceeded the limitations allowed for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? San Marcos Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney Stephen Hinze provides experienced legal counsel to help you reorganize and restructure your financial obligations.

Mr. Hinze can help find a unique solution to your financial challenges. He has provided personal attention while guiding businesses and individuals toward financial freedom. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer Steve Hinze counsels clients on the most efficient, effective manner in which to attain positive results. If Mr. Hinze discovers that bankruptcy may not be the best route for your circumstances, he will help you explore other viable options.

Call (760) 689-0705 to schedule your free 30 minute consultation with Stephen C. Hinze, Attorney at Law. At this initial meeting, you will learn about your rights and the best strategies for protecting your assets, minimizing liabilities, and maximizing value.

With a reputation for delivering high quality legal services, our bankruptcy law firm responds quickly to client inquiries and keeps communication open at all times. Your call goes directly to Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer Steve Hinze. If he is in court, or with another client, please leave a message and he will promptly return your call soon.

Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer Representation in San Marcos, California

With extensive experience in business and financial matters, San Marcos Attorney Steve Hinze is dedicated to helping clients find relief from overwhelming financial challenges. He understands the way you or your business may thrive by developing new ideas, taking risks, or growing through innovative concepts and projects. If those opportunities fail or miscalculations sidestep your plans, Mr. Hinze believes you should not suffer a lifetime of insurmountable debt. He is prepared to creatively tailor a financial recovery plan for your unique situation.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy | Reorganize and Restructure

While Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is most often appropriate for a business, it may also be the best option for certain individuals. This type of bankruptcy is often called a “Reorganization Bankruptcy” as it allows for a reorganization plan in which the company or an individual maintains control while selling assets and paying creditors. In a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, a business can remain open while reorganizing, restructuring, and repaying.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney Hinze provides personal representation and experienced guidance throughout the entire process. This includes handling all requisite documents and court appearances.

Although each case is unique, a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy may allow for any of the following:

  • Clearing Disputed Liens
  • Eliminating Collection Claims
  • Halting Foreclosure Actions
  • Renegotiating certain Transactions
  • Repaying Mortgage Arrears
  • Resolving Tax Obligations
  • Reversing Attachment Liens or Judgment Liens
  • Terminating Leases and other Contracts

A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy with a successfully executed plan of reorganization can help return your company to profitability. As a true legal counselor, Mr. Hinze skillfully guides businesses and individuals while offering the critical legal advice necessary for making difficult decisions.

Contact our Experienced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer Today

The Bankruptcy Code is complicated. San Marcos Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney Steve Hinze works diligently to help each client achieve financial success through reorganization strategies. Call (760) 689-0705 to schedule a free, 30 minute consultation. We are also available online through the Bankruptcy Case Evaluation Form. We will contact you for additional information and to arrange for a private meeting.

Contact Stephen C. Hinze, Attorney at Law, to find appropriate debt relief solutions which can benefit your situation. If a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a better fit for your business or personal legal needs, Mr. Hinze is well-qualified to assist.